Heathkit HW-7 Replacing the Dial Scale, HW-7, HW7, Heathkit, QRP HW-7 Dial Scale
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Just in case, I used the back and preserved the original scale on the other side...

I bought laser decal paper on eBay and cleaned off the back of the old dial scale thoroughly with very fine Scotchbrite (I used the white variety), and carefully water-slid the new scale onto the back of the old dial scale. It took a few tries to get it right - without wrinkles and distortion of the scale. I took a soft cloth and massaged the decal from center toward the outside radius of the plastic scale to work out most of the air bubbles. Then I let the whole thing dry overnight. When completely dry, I X-acto cut the center hole and mounting holes, then lightly oversprayed the new scale with clear gloss spray to keep the decal from peeling off the dial. Too much spray will run the toner on the new scale! The first light coat will protect the toner, a second light coat will ensure the scale is locked down for good. I had left the tiniest space at the outside of the scale where the decal is locked down to the plastic disk at the edge of the decal.

Note: inkjet printers will not print water-slide decals, as the ink is water soluble and the image will run when wet. When I only had an inket printer, I used heavy stock, printed the image onto it, cut, reinforced the mounting holes with cyanoacrylate glue and used this in place of the orignal scale. I used the heaviest paper stock my printer would safely handle. I suppose Elmer's Glue-All or School Glue would have worked in lieu of CA (crazy glue). The idea was to stiffen the paper at the mounting holes to prevent tearing during mounting and/or wear over the lifetime of the radio. I made sure to let the glue dry THOROUGHLY before mounting to avoid accidentally gluing the new disk to the screws or other radio innards!

All this done, I examined the dial scale mounting to make sure the same excessive wear would not recur. I added some flat washers to the control shafts under the faceplate to avoid the rubbing that did in the original scale in the first place. A little experimentation found the right spacing between scale and faceplate. I am confident that my new scale will remain in great shape indefinitely.

Disclaimer*** Do any of this at your own risk. I am providing this scale image and the above mounting techniques as information on how I did mine only! If you try this you assume all responsibility.