Bob Woish - Conshohocken, PA
QRP Since 1975 (Formerly WB3BBT / WR3K)
Rooster #1224 - Straight Key Century Club #2913
QRP Amateur Radio Club International #8090
East Coast Amateur Radio Club (ECARS) #30438
Flying Pigs QRP #2422
NAQCC Member #5365
G-QRP Club #14087
NorCal QRP Club
SOC #1021
My GAP Eagle vertical when it went in in 2002. I removed the counterpoises and used buried ground radials to keep the neighbors happy. Excellent DX results, but 40m left something to be desired. So in 2007, I put in a base-loaded homebrew multiband vertical with 16 buried ground radials to augment the Eagle. I call it the BLT - Base Loaded Tree. It does great on 30, 40, 75, and 80. Low band DX is routine.
Here are the Eagle  and BLT today, after six years of tree growth. It just swallowed the Eagle. The counterpoises are back on, and not much shows. Can you tell there are two great DX antennas covering all HF bands in the tree?
What radio shack is complete without a boat anchor position? Here is my Heath DX-40 and Hallicrafters SX-122. Since this shot was taken, I have sold the VFO and use FT-243 crystals for a real vintage feel. Sometimes I fire this station up for Straight Key Night, and sometimes I use my Hallicrafters Sky Buddy. It still works 100% and is a real throw-back to the glory days of tube gear.
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QRO Equipment
Here is my Heath DX-40, which was my Novice Rig, bought at a Hamfest for $25 in 1978. It still works FB! I've recently sold the National NC-88 which lacked CW filtering and a product detector, but its basic design added to the challenge! I used this for SKN 2012.
Well, sometimes you just have to work vintage. Here is my "new" HW-16 with HG-10B VFO, HD-1410 Keyer, and HM-102 Power/SWR Meter. Using this station with my 40 meter wire vertical and 16 buried radials. I worked into South Africa and Hungary with 50 Watts of output on 40 meters my first night. I just love green radios!