Bob Woish - Conshohocken, PA
QRP Since 1975 (Formerly WB3BBT / WR3K)
Rooster #1224 - Straight Key Century Club #2913
QRP Amateur Radio Club International #8090
East Coast Amateur Radio Club (ECARS) #30438
Flying Pigs QRP #2422
NAQCC Member #5365
G-QRP Club #14087
NorCal QRP Club
SOC #1021
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CU dn the log - 72/73 es GB u es urs de WB3T
Page Last Updated 2/14/2022
QRP Suppliers:


A nice assortment of evening/weekend kits based on the "Tuna Tin" chassis. Dozens of transmitter, receiver, transceiver, RF amplifier, interface, and audio kits just to name a few! Excellent service and graded A-Plus for FUN FACTOR! High quality PC Boards. These are QRP and QRPp kits for beginning, intermediate, and expert QRP ops. I proudly display my "QRP ARCI Thousand-Miles-Per-Watt Award" earned with milliwatt rigs from qrpme. Now supplying the legendary Rock Mite kit as well. By Rex Harper, W1REX.

Midway Electronics

Midway is in the process of resurrecting the popular Small Wonder Labs SW Plus as the new ME-40. 80, 30, and 20 meter versions are soon to hit the market, as soon as parts are delivered. Watch the Midway site for more info. An expanded line will most likely be available by the time you read this. 


Now defunct. Ramsey is currently only producing commercial and military test equipment. A shame they couldn't leave just a small crew to handle hobby kits. They were fun.

Four State QRP Group

I only recently discovered this, and so far have only built their "Magic Box." Thumbs-up on that one. Thankfully they have picked up production of Small Wonder Labs "Freq Mite" frequency annunciator. Someone needed to do that!

Please check back soon as I add to the list of QRP Suppliers.